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The Jennie T. Anderson Theatre Box Office is generally open Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Closed Saturday and Sunday. Depending on the events we have at the venue, this schedule may fluctuate. Prior to stopping by, it's always best to call the box office. Our box office hours are updated every week and can be heard on our outgoing phone message. 

How can I purchase tickets?

For Anderson Theatre events, you can purchase tickets in person, over the phone, or online (Ticketmaster).  If the event you're looking to attend is an outside organization (Pebblebrook HS, Atlanta Lyric, GMDT, etc.), you'll need to purchase tickets through their organization's box office. The Anderson Theatre Box Office does not sell tickets from the renters.

Where is the box office located?

Our box office is located to the left of the lobby entrance. We have two box office windows for will call and ticket pick-ups: on the outside of the building and to the left of the lobby. 

What is your late-seating policy?

For most performances and concerts, ushers will ask you to wait in back of the house until there's a break in the music/performance. At that point, you may make your way to your seat or an usher can assist you to your destination. Depending on the rental or the company using the space, they might have their own late-seating policy.

Will you give away my tickets if I am late?

No. For Anderson Theatre events, we will never give away tickets for late-comers.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not. Per Cobb County policy, we do not allow refunds or exchanges, even if you can no longer attend the event.

Is seating reserved or general admission?

It depends on the event, but generally all seating is reserved. Please call the box office if you would like to know if the event you're attending has reserved seating or general admission.

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