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If schools are unable to take field trips to the theatre, we'll bring theatre to the schools!

Cobb County PARKS and the Jennie T. Anderson Theatre have produced a new educational musical based on the curriculum currently taught in Georgia middle schools. Educators and schools can purchase a streaming link to this performance and it will be available for the remainder of the school year.

Written by Atlanta artists, Amanda Wansa Morgan and Ricardo Aponte, this 45-minute Theatre for Youth performance is a fun dive into Georgia's history and its memorable leaders. We jam through different eras of music as we get to know figures such as Alice Woodby McKane, President Jimmy Carter, Jackie Robinson, Juliette Gordon Low, Mary Musgrove, and many others.

Your ticket purchase will cover one (1) performance per classroom. This streamed show will also come with a downloadable/printable study guide.

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Sarah Elaine

Sterling McClary

Amanda Wansa Morgan

Meaghan Paetkau

L'Oréal Roaché

Tyler Sarkis

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